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The first natural library of venom fractions for Drug Discovery and High Throughput Screening (HTS).
Ordering Information
Purchase Order can be :

- Directly on the website of Latoxan

- Fax: +33 475 419 199

- Mail: LATOXAN, 20, rue Leon Blum - F-26000 VALENCE (France)

Please indicate your name, company name, e-mail, complete shipping and billing addresses, appropriate telephone and fax numbers, and your purchase order number (if any). EU customers must indicate their Value Added Tax Identification number, otherwise V.A.T. would be invoiced.

For any other purpose please call us (+33 475 419 191)
Availability and Shipping...
Except otherwise stated, all item listed in this WEB catalogue can be shipped immediately up to the largest quantity mentioned or larger upon prior enquiry.

Prepared in cooperation with leading Reesearch institutions, the products - except the venoms - are supplied with technical information reporting on purity and, whenever possible, biological activity. Inquiries on non listed products are welcome.

We ship by Express Service to all countries. Delivery normally takes 2 to 7 days. Notice of shipping is faxed or mailed the same day. As requested, be sure to inform us of any delay in delivery.

Lyophilized products are stable during shipping period. Airtight/waterproof packaging ensures excellent long term conservation.
After opening, keep products in refrigerator. Store dilutions in freezer. Beware : in some cases, repeated freezings/thawings may cause partial loss of activity.
Pricing and Payment ...
All products and services are priced and invoiced in Euros(€). A conversion into US Dollars is indicated for convenience purpose only.

Prices are subject to change. A notice of any change will be given upon receipt of the order.

25.00€ of processing fees are added to orders below 100.00€.

Please inquire for bulk prices.

Invoices are mailed the day of shipment. Payment is requested net 30 days (date of invoice) by check or wire transfer to our account:
BANK : Banque Populaire des Alpes (26000 Valence - France)
IBAN : FR76 1680 7001 5131 2612 6521 764

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